Pinto makes it super easy to curate a private repository of Perl modules, giving you the power to safely upgrade CPAN modules and reliably build your Perl application. But adopting Pinto into your development process isn’t always straightforward.

In some shops, just identifying which CPAN modules to initially place in a Pinto repository can be challenging. Also, every organization has a different development workflow, so deploying Pinto may require some integration work. And like any new development tool, there is a learning curve as the team discovers how to fully utilize Pinto.

Stratopan now offers consulting services to help your team adopt Pinto and take control of your Perl. Our experts can construct your initial Pinto repository, deploy it into your development process, and coach your team on using Pinto to solve their problems.

You’re invited to learn more about our consulting services. We would love to show you how Pinto can help your team deliver better software, faster, and cheaper. You’ve made a big investment in Perl — we’ll help you get the most from it. Contact us today!

Service designed by Evan MacDonald from The Noun Project

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