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Dependency Graphs Are Now On MetaCPAN

Stratopan’s interactive dependency graphs are a great way to visualize and explore the relationships between Perl modules (see example below). So we teamed up with Olaf Alders and the MetaCPAN gang to provide graphs for the entire Perl community. You

Security: Heartbleed Vulnerability

On April 7, 2014 information was released about a new vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160) in OpenSSL. This vulnerability, known as Heartbleed, affects a large number of servers and would allow an attacker to steal the keys that protect communication, passwords, and user

Stratopan Outage Today

Stratopan was offline today between 18:05 GMT and 18:45 GMT while we upgraded the OpenSSL libraries to protect against the Heartbleed vulnerability. The outage affected all services under the Stratopan domain, including those used by Pinto. The upgrade took much

Password Security At Stratopan

In light of the recent attack against, we thought it would be a good time to talk about password security at Stratopan. Stratopan encrypts all passwords with a variant of the Blowfish algorithm that uses “expensive” key scheduling which

Please, Don’t Let Me Break Your Code

In the last couple days, there has been a bit of discussion in the Perl community about the popular Moo library and how some of its recent changes have put applications at risk for sudden failure. No matter what side

Announcing Pinto 0.099

Pinto is the heart and soul of Stratopan. If you’re not able to host your private CPAN repository in the cloud with Stratopan, then a local repository with Pinto is the next best thing. The latest release (0.099) includes a

Pinto Can Use Stratopan’s Mirror While CPAN Master Is Down

By default, Pinto is configured to use and as the upstream repositories. But since is currently offline as they rebuild disk drives, Pinto will throw an exception if you try to pull a module or distribution from

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Getting Started With Stratopan

There are two new tutorials on using Stratopan, whose beta is off to a great start. Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback and encouragement. I especially want to thank Matthias Bloch and David Farrell for writing these fantastic

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The Stratopan Beta Is Here

Finally! Head over to and create your free account today. And if you sign up before December 15, you’ll get unlimited access to Stratopan for life. Feel free to send comments, questions, or suggestions to I’m always happy

Pinto Featured On Perl TV

Hugh Esco gave a presentation on using Jenkins and Pinto to automate continuous integration: Although he didn’t have time to go into detail, this is exactly the kind of setup that I have always envisioned for Pinto. And once Stratopan